Forum Rules
1) Our forums are a place for robust, open-minded, EVIDENCE-BASED discussions about sustainability. However, let's try hard to be courteous with each other. Trolling, bullying, bigotry, or personal attacks will not be tolerated.
2) No posting advertisements for your products or services. A notable exception is that we are fine with you posting about your own information product such as an academic paper, book, documentary, TV show, theatre performance, or art/photo exhibition, but please make sure the post has value for the reader beyond just promoting your work. We also allow posts about sustainability related technologies that are genuinely unique, but please don't post something that reads like an advertisement. Also, no mentioning your products or services in replies unless it is unambiguously useful and relevant to the discussion and always disclose any association if mentioning products or services.
3) All posts must be in the appropriate forum. Comments must be on topic.
4) Please understand that more generously you give to our community, the more you will get back. These forums are an opportunity for you to establish your credibility with other members and form meaningful and trusting relationships.
5) Do not discriminate against people based on gender, nationality, race, religion, sexuality, or any other reason.
6) If you believe in a particular ideology (eg. religious, political, cultural), please avoid trying to impose that ideology on others.
7) Political debate will sometimes be necessary. However, we want this to be a civil and inclusive community, so please restrict debate to constructive discussions about how to achieve sustainable outcomes. Emotive attacks on politicians, political parties, or governments are not allowed. We need political debates to stay calm, evidence-based, and focused on solutions.
8) In some instances, it might be relevant to discuss religion. For example, the Catholic church's position on birth control. However, let's try to keep the conversations calm, respectful, evidence-based, and focused on solutions.
9) No lobbying in support of unsustainable practices. All posts and comments must be consistent with the goal of achieving sustainable outcomes. It is totally acceptable to discuss challenges and obstacles, but it's not OK to present those hurdles as a reason to accept unsustainable practices.
10) Your posts will be accessible to a much wider audience if you keep jargon and assumed knowledge to a minimum. However, we acknowledge that this can sometime be difficult with technical topics, so please just do your best.
11) Please be patient and supportive with people who are using English as a second language. 
12) You can create a signature including any of the following: name, business title, organization, slogan, product or service, and contact information. It can be a maximum of 4-lines. It must use the default font (Open Sans) without any formatting or graphics. You can set or edit your signature by clicking the "Edit Profile" link in the website's main menu.
13) Failure to follow the rules may result in your posts/comments being deleted. We also reserve the right to permanently ban you from the forums, or from our website, without warning or debate.
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