Monday, 07 September 2020
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Hi everyone

I teach high school students about the environment, so I'm constantly looking for new information sources. I recently discovered a YouTube channel called "Undecided with Matt Ferrell". It's a wonderful source of information for educators, or anyone who wants a quick introduction to a wide range of disruptive technologies, many of which are relevant to reducing CO2 emissions and/or creating a green economy.

Here's one about nuclear fusion:

Hopefully, some of you will find this to be a useful resource.

I'd love to hear what some of you experts think about Matt's commentary.
more than a month ago
Hi Jessica, thanks for sharing this - always good to find educational content that distills the complex and technical into something a bit more digestible for the rest of us!
I note your comment about being on the lookout for information sources for high school students. I'd like to let you know I author educational comic books / graphic novels about sustainability, science and environmental issues. Reach out directly to if you want to know more.
more than a month ago
This guy seems good. The couple of videos I watched seemed to be thoroughly researched and he's a good communicator. Great way to get a quick overview of the current status of some cutting edge technologies.
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