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This video addresses the elephant in the room—population growth. It does so clearly, simply, and directly.

I know for many people, this is a taboo topic. However, I don' think it is something that we can afford to ignore. The more people we have, the more resources are consumed. It's as simple as that. YES, the Global North consumes much more per capita than the Global South and we desperately need to do something about that. However, EVERYONE requires food, shelter, and energy. Furthermore, most people in the Global South aspire to have a similar lifestyle to the North. What do you think is going to happen to the natural world if that happens? Thankfully, there are things we can do to reign in population growth that do not require draconian measures, in fact, quite the opposite. We can reduce population growth and improve people's lives at the same time.

Watch the video and let me know what you think.
1 year ago
I have long acknowledged that population growth is a root cause of environmental destruction. I think it is unfortunate that the topic has become politicised.

Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive

1 year ago
On the weekend, I read a story about Egypt's plans to curb population growth. It was refreshing to hear that they do not plan to do anything Draconian. Instead (at least according to the story), most of the measures would be good policy even if population growth were not an issue.

The only part that worries me is "granting benefits to low-income families having two or less children". I am not necessarily against this, but the devil would be in the detail.

Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala al-Said elaborated that the government aims for the fertility rate to become 2.1 children per woman in 2032 and 1.6 in 2052, down from 3.2 at present. As such, the annual population growth will stand at 400,000.

That will be achieved through the economic empowerment of women, expanding access to contraceptives free of charge, awareness campaigns, initiatives granting benefits to low-income families having two or less children, and articulating legislations aimed at controlling overpopulation.
1 year ago
This is a sensitive topic. But the best solutions include things like lifting people out of poverty, improved education, easy access to contraception, and women's rights. These things are just good policy. They are desirable even if you are not considering the impacts of population growth.
1 year ago
Population growth is a huge problem in Africa. It worries me greatly.

I have found some interesting information on this website:
1 year ago
My wife and I married in 1969.
From the beginning on we had decided not to get children.

For this decision we had many reasons, on the personal level and on society level.

The simplest and probably most convincing reason was not to contribute to the overpopulation which already was present in 1969.

The other reasons were: in general many people have romantic feelings about getting children. Overseeing the enormous effort of all stages of leading children all the way from toddlers to adult people. Not to talk about the all life burden it can give to have adult children and participating in their problems and insecurities in life.
When people decide on starting having children they are not aware of the gamble aspect. Nearly always they suppose they will get healthy children which they easily can bring to the adult stage when they finally will leave home. In most cases they don't realise they can get children with diseases or other problems and can be confronted with "difficult children" and enormous problems.
Few couples realise that adding a "new born stranger" in-between their relation can bring tremendous change which not always is a good addition to that relationship.

After 52 years of marriage we have the impression our mutual relation only has grown happier and our health is better than of many others in the same age.
Of course we cannot prove it in general. But, in contrary to all pessimistic predictions from family and friends we look back to an over average happy life without children.

For us the decision of not having children worked out very positively.
We only can strongly recommend it to others
The urgency of the need for relations without or with much fewer children has only increased tremendously in the last 52 years.
1 year ago
Hello Shona and others,

Just to say that here in the UK the government has had restrictions in who can receive Child Benefit (a universal benefit paid to all parents). However, more than two children you get no financial help.

Should the 'right' to have children depend purely on the state of your bank account? Is it just the rich that should be allowed to carry on there family line?

We do however, have a populist government that loves us all, hallelujah!

1 year ago
I have long acknowledged that population growth is a root cause of environmental destruction. I think it is unfortunate that the topic has become politicised.

Because it *is* politics .... focusing on 'overpopulation' displaces accountability of earth's state of affairs to those least responsible for it ...
11 months ago
For this important question about over population in our planet; what if we just live too long...due to all different medical inventions made.
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