Sunday, 02 February 2020
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Hi there

If you're reading this, you're probably one of the very first people to use GreenExecutive, so I want to wish you a very warm welcome and thank you for helping to test this platform :D

I built GreenExecutive because of my concern about the rapid and widespread destruction of the biosphere. My hope is that by bringing key professionals and experts together on the same communication platform, we will hasten the transition to a green economy. I also hope we can play a role in fostering fair and compassionate societies.

As you can see, there is hardly any content, so it would be great if you could start and/or reply to some posts in these forums. We would also welcome blog posts about topics related to environmental or social sustainability.

If you have any friends or colleagues who might be interested in becoming Beta Testers, please invite them. Everyone who joins during our Beta Testing period will receive a FREE lifetime membership!

When posting, or inviting people, please bear in mind that this platform is for professionals and experts who are involved with sustainability (environmental or social) and/or are working with technologies that can facilitate a green economy.

Finally, it would be helpful if you could test as many of the site's features as possible and report problems here.

If you have any questions, please post them in this thread.

Cheers :)

Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive

more than a month ago
This is a much needed platform. To be honest I'm excited to be part of it in it's infancy!

Thanks to Alan J. Hesse for getting me involved in this forum.

I probably have more questions and insights than answers. Even so, I'm very excited to be part of a community that is open to discussion about climate change solutions and how we can reduce our affect on the natural world.

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