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Hello Everyone

There are many problems with the current food production systems. For example, greenhouse gas emissions, soil degradation, habitat destruction, wildlife impacts, excessive water use, water/air/soil pollution, food safety, and food waste. Clearly, these are serious problems that need to be addressed. Some experts are predicting an upcoming revolution in agriculture. One interesting prediction is that soon protein will no longer come from animals.

Here is a video on the topic:

and here is an article:

I would love to hear your thoughts about the likely short/medium term changes to agriculture. In particular, I would be interested in learning whether meat production will be ended. And if so, what is the likely timeframe?
more than a month ago
Yes a lot going on in the alt protein space. One particularly interesting company for cell-based is future fields:

Lots of others though with bioreactors, insect protein, and other methods. Check out the Alt Protein Conference, could be a good resource for you.

I myself and focused on greenhouses and vertical farms but am interested in alt protein too. Please feel welcome to DM me on Linkedin:
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Hi George

You mentioned that you are especially interested in whether meat production will be ended. Personally, I would be surprised if it ever completely stops because there are likely to always be people who prefer animal protein. However, at some point in the future, I would expect that it will almost certainly be scaled-back, perhaps dramatically. This would be a huge win for the environment because grazing is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions and habitat loss .

When will this happen? That probably depends on when lab grown meats are:

  1. almost indistinguishable from most popular animal meats
  2. cheaper than comparable quality animal meats
  3. accepted by consumers as sufficiently safe and nutritious
  4. able to be manufactured and distributed in sufficient quantities.

I have heard some people claim that all of these things will happen soon. However, I am always very skeptical about time projections for technologies that have not been perfected yet. Look at fusion, for instance.
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Hi George

Agriculture is essential to feed the word's people. However it's also one of the main causes of environmental damage. It is responsible for one quarter of all CO2 emissions; top soils are being degraded at an alarming pace; and land clearing, mostly for agriculture, is the primary cause of a 68% drop in the average population numbers for vertebrates. I therefore agree that reforms are urgently needed.

There's a lot of interesting stuff going on in the food space, including:

  • regenerative agriculture
  • indoor farming / vertical farming
  • drones and agrobots
  • smart sensors and big data
  • genetic engineering
  • lab grown meats
  • plant based meat alternatives
  • insect protein
  • edible forests
  • permaculture
  • aquaponics

These and other innovations are likely to transform agriculture as we know it.

As for whether meat production is going to end, I am inclined to agree with Jane Nester's comment above.
more than a month ago
The film of the book Kiss the Ground is now on Netflix, it explains clearly how changing agricultural practices could sequester carbon into the soil and regenerate nature rather than destroy it as at present.
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