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  3. Friday, 24 April 2020
Chris Jones original Linkedin postOur cities have been exposed. Shutdowns, lockdowns, and other restrictions have shown the fragility of many urban systems from food, to energy, to water supplies and waste management.

We need to urgently avoid the mass wasting of food (as supply chains falter) and support the next harvests (as labour chains struggle). But looking ahead we need to reavaluate our food systems completely. We need to better connect production and consumption, close loops, make optimal use of synergies, create decent jobs, grow quality fresh food and open up access to production and consumption of high quality food to everyone.

I joined with Samantha Suppiah (http://www.urbandoughnut.asia) and Diana Diaz Castro (http://www.just-cities.com) to co-author an open letter on this topic with particular focus on the #globalsouth. Marta Casagrande (illustration) will also collaborate.

Please read, share, comment... and contact us to see how we call all work together to build responsible, resilient, enjoyable cities.

Add your name as a signatory by going to

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