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  3. Thursday, 13 August 2020
Hi everyone, we are in the process of commercialising a new technology that can make a step change reduction in global emissions. The technology can be used in large diesel engines such as marine, rail, class 8 truck engines, standby generators, mining and construction equipment. It will also be able to be retrofitted into some of the more than 380 million diesel engines already in existence. We are currently working with two large engine manufactures and currently looking to raise the last capital required to get the technology to commercialisation. If anybody could point us in a direction with this regard it would be appreciated. I have attached some information explaining the technology at a high level. If you could assist it would be appreciated. We can provide more detailed information and meet face to face with any interested parties.
  1. http://rklab.com/
  2. https://vimeo.com/235513153
  3. https://itnproductions.wistia.com/medias/cyl6v5dp8l
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Hi John

This essay titled "How To Raise Money" might be of interest. It is written by Paul Graham who is the founder of Y Combinator, arguably the world's #1 startup incubator.

Also, here are his other essays:


Good luck with the money hunt!
Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive
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What stage are you at - seed, series A, B, C? Depending on what youre trying to raise will determine who you should go to.

this sounds like a great fit with corporate VC funds - like the following examples (most large corps seem to have VC arms nowadays - esp if they're in a space thats being disrupted)

or focus on transportation related funds

good luck!
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