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Hi- did you know that today is World Oceans Day (8 June). What does the ocean mean to you? Economically, Environmentally, Spiritually? What are the impacts and benefits of humans and our companies on the ocean? I reflect on some of these questions and our company Reef Ecologic makes three pledges to help make a better planet. What do you think?
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Hi Adam Smith

I grew up on Sydney's northern beaches, so feel a very strong connection to the ocean.

I am horrified by the impacts that over fishing, climate change, and pollution are having on the oceans. Human activity affecting marine environments desperately needs to become more sustainable, or better-still regenerative. I therefore applaud the steps that you and your company are taking to try to move things in the right direction.

I note you've linked to a blog you posted on LinkedIn (which is fine). I just wanted to make sure you know members can make posts to our GreenExecutive blog. Also, we have no problem accepting stories already posted elsewhere.

Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive

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Hi Adam Smith!
I am a Marine Scientist with an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection, so this might serve as an indicator how passionate I am about the Ocean! :D I feel there is a strong need for action to increase ocean literacy in order to get people to understand just how fundamental the role the oceans play in our lives is. I love your initiative - I deal with human impacts on benthic ecosystems all the time in my current work as a benthic taxonomist for a consultancy and I strongly second the motion that we need to strive not only to decrease our negative impact on the oceans but to increase our positive impact! I am just setting up a project for next year's "Year of the English Coast", aimed at increasing ocean literacy and bringing the marine science community together with communities along the English Coast. If we all do our little bits, we can achieve great things! Happy World Oceans Day!
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Hi Adam Smith ,

I'm a marine scientist with a Master in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation and a writer who took a sabbatical to finish a science fantasy book that raises awareness about coral reefs, pollution, climate change, disinformation, and the importance of indigenous communities and grassroot movements. I think that answers the question ;)

As Scott Gudrich has pointed out, there is a strong need for action to increase ocean literacy. That's why I decided to write Lorac. I knew that as a scientist and writer I could provide an enganging perspective that would thrill and inform teens and adults. I want to reach as many people as possible because it is a story that speaks to the heart and helps to humanize the environmental crisis we are suffering, so please feel free to spread the word if you like this project:

I'm very happy about your company pledges! I led a coral restoration project in Myanmar, where we set up coral nurseries and artificial gardens and it's amazing to do this kind of work.

Great to meet ocean leaders around here!

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Like the others who have responded to this post I feel a deep sense of attachment to the ocean. I marvel at its majesty, and the fact that it is the closest we have on Earth to an alien world where, beneath the waves, Homo sapiens is just another animal challenged to survive. I long to experience more wilderness, and I mourn the loss of terrestrial habitats almost daily. The ocean is still a true wilderness, even if there are islands of micro plastics the size of New York, and plastic trash at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. I am horrified at the impact of modern human lifestyles (i.e. industry) on our oceans, and on the creatures who live in it. In the other posts here I am delighted to see quite some mention of building ocean literacy, and Neus, I salute you for going out on a limb and combining science with fiction writing. I do this too, in my own way, i.e. through educational cartoons and comics / graphic novels. I too want to reach as wide an audience as possible to enlighten minds and inspire hearts, for the oceans and for our planet in its entirety. I believe its never been so urgent and important to do this than right now, as the teens of the world are awakening to the grim reality of the state of the planet they are inheriting from previous, thoughtless generations such as ours and that of our parents and grandparents.
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