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  3. Saturday, 01 August 2020
Equilibrium Perspectives is a discourse towards understanding the nature and workings of natural and man-made systems for predictability, optimal performance and sustainability.

Greenexecutive is a value and sense of responsibility committed to business sustainability, with or without profit mindset, which may cause conflict of interest between the social, economic and environmental dimensions of both natural and man-made systems.

To optimize the goals of the greenexecutive, we need to know whether or not a connection exists between it and Equilibrium Perspectives; as well as discuss ways to improve the principles and practices of being an impactful greenexecutive by benchmarking our activities with organizational excellence culture.
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Hi Adeshola Kukoyi

It is not GreenExecutive's role to define the pathways to sustainability, regeneration, and social justice. We are simply providing a platform to facilitate discussion, information sharing, and collaboration.
Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive
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Thank you, Adam, for your kind response.

As a platform to facilitate discussion, information sharing, and collaboration; I believe leadership beckons on Greenexecutive.

Individuals, organizations and nations seek leadership involvement, people involvement, societal commitment, partnership development, alignment, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, data based decision making, and feedback in process management for the good of people, planet and profit. These are the principles of organizational excellence culture or culture committed to excellence which Greenexecutive can offer insights and direction.

The Paris Agreement on climate change, for example, faced leadership challenges since the US withdrawal. Moreso, it is important for us as Greenexecutives to support the actualization of SDGs and similar programmes at community levels across the developing world being agents of the emerging knowledge, digital and circular economies.
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Hi Adeshola

If you are trying to encourage our members to become leaders, that's great!

However, if you're saying that I should be playing a leadership role in which I tell GeenExecutive members what they should be thinking and doing, I strongly disagree. I do not have the knowledge, experience, or resources to determine the best solutions for the world's countless environmental and social problems. Furthermore, there are already huge numbers of well-qualified people and organisations who are striving to play leadership roles.

What was missing was an online venue where sustainability experts and professionals can network, discuss ideas, share information, and collaborate. I therefore created GreenExecutive so that people who are eminently better qualified than me can more-easily work collectively to find solutions to the world's greatest problems.
Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive
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There are usually a wide range of opinions on the best ways to tackle various problems. If GreenExecutive were to start specifying what options are best, it would alienate a lot of users and stifle debate.
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