1. Natalia da Cunha Álvarez
  2. Health
  3. Friday, 27 March 2020
On the 29th or 30th January the WHO declared the virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
It took 1,5 months to the European Commission to issue some (zero efficient and way too late) guidelines.

How could be possible that every single European state member ignored such a warning?
How could be possible that "normality" was the only message that the EU Commission and the state members spread to their citizens? They DID know what happened in Wuhan since the end of January.
The only logical explanation that i can find is that they are blinded by *power at any cost*. That they put *again* People on the last place.
Or are they so blind and arrogant that they thought *again* that they can adapt Nature to their dark desires as they please?

How can they be so incompetent that do not manage even now to create a proper database because they haven't establish guidelines so that the state members can proceed to collect data with consistency?
How the EU Commission can dare now to say that they are closely supporting all European citizens when all what they are doing is absolutely nothing apart from keeping with their misleading preaching? How can they dare now to preach about an efficient reaction? Trying to fix something irreparable is not reacting, is not even fixing, because it is already irreparable.
Which is the real business of the European Commission?
Why are they playing the role of the worst shepherd ever? Why don't people see it even now when it is more obvious than ever?

Why aren't Western media informing about how efficiently and quickly the government in Vietnam contained the virus?
Why the only international article in which the Financial Times praised Vietnam for their procedure got the access restricted? Is it because Vietnam is a pro-socialist country and Europe is completely blinded by unconscious capitalism and they do not want to raise doubts about their obsolete and harmful system among their sleepy citizens? Is it because EU do not want their citizens to realize that a `developing country´ did put their People first?

WHAT is it happening in Europe? Why all this is so obvious now but no one is spreading the word?
This is a global World and therefore we are in need of competent and coherent leaders, not misleading preachers.
Spread the word!!!
  1. https://vietnam-aujourdhui.info/2020/03/24/vietnams-coronavirus-offensive-wins-praise-for-low-cost-model/

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