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  3. Sunday, 18 October 2020
Hi All

Giorgos Kallis (@g_kallis), an author of The Case for Degrowth, recently tweeted a list of "22 papers by researchers from the (broader) degrowth community published just the last year". Degrowth is an important concept, so I thought I'd share these links with the GreenExective community.

Here they are in no particular order:

Scientists' warning on affluence

Global patterns of ecologically unequal exchange

Quantifying national responsibility for climate breakdown

Shifting economic activity to services has limited potential to reduce global environmental impacts due to the household consumption of labour

The dangers of decoupling

Degrowth and the State

Environmental Justice, Degrowth and Post-capitalist futures

Degrowth and critical agrarian studies

Degrowth through income and wealth caps

What About the Global South? Towards a Feminist Decolonial Degrowth Approach

A socio-metabolic perspective on environmental justice and degrowth movements

The Labor(s) of degrowth

Ecological economics and degrowth: Proposing a future research agenda from the margins

Decolonizing degrowth in the post-development convergence: Questions, experiences, and proposals from two Indigenous territories

First Nations sovereignty, Environmental Justice, and Degrowth in Northwest BC, Canada

Degrowth and the Unmaking of Capitalism

The ‘state’ of degrowth: Economic growth and the making of state hegemony in Turkey

Climate Change and the Polanyian Counter-movement: Carbon Markets or Degrowth?

Structure, action and change: a Bourdieusian perspective on the preconditions for a degrowth transition

A Green New Deal without growth

Is green growth possible?

Crisis, liminality and the decolonization of the social imaginary

These were only papers published after 2019! For a review of the degrowth literature before, check the authors' 2018 "Research on Degrowth", or the 2017 review by Weiss and Cattaneo.
Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive
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