1. Elise Hockley
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  3. Tuesday, 14 July 2020
Hello Everyone,

Hope you’re keeping well in these strange times.

Earlier in the year my colleagues, Richard Burrett and Dr Jim Totty, had an article published in the CISI Journal on the issue of Impact Measurement and Management in Private Equity. We were planning at the time to go out and seek greater engagement and feedback on this article but were somewhat overtaken by events!

So rather belatedly we thought we'd reach out to the community here, inviting you to read the paper and share any commentary or feedback you may have for us to help inform our thinking further.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Elise Hockley

This is not my area of expertise. But I don't think you need to be an impact investing expert to grasp the benefits of having widely accepted measurement standards. I am curious whether there has ever been any discussion of setting up an independent organisation that offers certifications? Kind of like an ISO for corporate sustainability standards. The assessment framework could be developed in consultation with all the relevant stakeholders. The standards organisation could do independent assessments of performance. It could charge the companies a fee to do these assessments and also charge investment firms for access to the detailed reports. It would probably be run as a non profit.

Creating something like this would not be easy. However, the benefits could be enormous.
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Thanks for the feedback James. It's a complex area, but something like this or similar will need to happen eventually.
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