Thursday, 23 April 2020
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Hello everyone! I am grateful for the existence of this forum. Especially now during crisis times it is key to exchange views and move the sustainability agenda forward.

This is very true for my area of work, namely finance. With the right framework the financial sector can truly be a game changer in helping with the transformation of the economy. The corona crisis has shown how little resilient our economies are.

So it is key that all the billons in global government support programs are designed to support long term goals such as the fight against climate change.
2 years ago
Hi Gerald Podobnik

I could not agree more. If the stimulus money is spent appropriately, this could be a huge boost for sustainability. But how do we persuade governments to spend their stimulus budgets on a green economy instead of propping up the status quo? And how do we ensure that policies are guided by expert advice instead of political expediency?
1 year ago
Sadly, I read this story today which says that, "Of the Covid-19 recovery funding allocated to energy companies by G20 governments, 56% has been handed to fossil fuel projects, equivalent to $151bn (£119bn)."

Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive

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