Thursday, 16 July 2020
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Hi All

Wealthy nations are busy squandering much of their coronavirus stimulus money on fossil fuels. We desperately need to persuade those holding the purse strings that this is the wrong direction!

Thankfully, a new report by the World Economic Forum says that a transition towards a green economy, "... can unlock an estimated $10 trillion of business opportunities by transforming the three economic systems that are responsible for almost 80% of nature loss."

For decades, environmentalists have been trying to persuade businesses, politicians, and communities to protect nature because it's the ethical thing to do. However, this argument has largely fallen on deaf ears. The main reason for inaction has been the belief that there's more financial benefit in ruthlessly exploiting nature than protecting it. But now, we have a report by the Word Economic Forum, no less, saying that a green economy will, "provide a win-win for nature, people and business".

If people can be persuaded that transitioning to a green economy makes financial sense, it is MUCH more likely to receive widespread support, even from people who are usually not interested in environmental issues. I therefore urge you to share this report, The Future Of Nature And Business, as widely as possible. Also, for people that are unlikely to read a report, here's an article. Please share one or both of them via social media and with colleagues you think might be interested.

There will hopefully be other stories about the financial benefits of a green economy in the coming days, ideally you'll share them too. If you want an easy way to follow the latest news on this and other sustainability issues, visit your My Dashboard link in the Community section of this website or follow @green_executive on Twitter.

If you know other resources that might be useful, please share them below.

Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive

1 year ago
Thanks Adam. Will do!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Yes, thanks Adam - will do!

Wonder if you have seen this campaign - Stop the Money Pipeline:

Encouraging people not to bank with banks funding organisations extracting fossil fuels.
1 year ago
Excellent, thanks Adam! Will do :D
1 year ago
I think documents like this are very helpful. Many decision makers only care about money. If they can see that it makes business sense to protect nature they will much more likely to do that.

I have several colleagues who will be interested in this report.
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