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Can we - with our thoughts, feelings, experiences and visions expressed in words - build a foundation that will allow us to start an entirely new journey in society? That in itself is the journey I have set out on with my series of "regenerative village" podcasts... Today in the inspirational and confidence-building company of legendary Bellarine community-organiser Tom O'Connor for a talk about leadership, elections, values and aspirations.

The Bellarine Peninsula is situated 75 kilometres south or Melbourne in the southern part of Australia.

Interview audio file:

More info:
2 years ago
Hi Mik Aidt

That was an interesting podcast, thanks for sharing. Do you have any podcasts about regenerative grazing? I am especially interested in practical information that would be helpful to farmers.
2 years ago
Hi George,
Yes, several. They are all from an Australian perspective, though - I'm not sure where you are based?
Have a listen to this one, maybe:
...with Adrian Drew, one of Australia’s natural farmers.

Adrian is part of a growing group of intelligent farmers and ‘landscape mechanics’ who share the vision that by 2030, Australia’s catchment and watershed systems can be drought-proofed and restored by using Peter Andrew‘s Natural Sequence Farming methods and the Australian Landscape Science Approach.

After working with this topic over 40 years, Peter Andrews has become a bit of a national icon. In books, articles, tv documentaries and numerous conference speeches and presentations he explains to the Australian farmers how a transformation of the way water flows through the landscape can help enable them to restore soil fertility by using all plants – understanding their function and part they play in landscape process at any point in time – so they can grow food without the use of fertilisers or pesticides, artificial irrigation or drainage.

This was done towards the end of last year. We did an update with Adrian recently, which can be heard here:

Actually, more directly, here:

2 years ago
Hi Mik

Many thanks for finding the time to reply to me! I think that it is wonderful that you are making podcasts like these and I look forward to listening to the the ones that you have recommended above.

I am in South Africa. I am sure that farmers in our two countries face many similar challenges such as trying to become more drought resistant and preventing soil erosion. But of course there will also be a great many differences.

When I look at information about agriculture from other countries, I find that I can learn a lot. It is very interesting to be exposed to so many different ways of thinking about farming.

Also the more I learn about regenerative farming techniques, the more I realise that a regenerative approach can be applied to most other aspects of life. I believe it's better way to think about things.
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