Wednesday, 12 February 2020
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Over a billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away in Australia every year and most of them end up in landfill. While 'keep cups' are fantastic to help fight this waste, I admit to being one of those forgetful people who often forgets his at home. One innovative alternative to combat this unnecessary waste and lazy mentally (guilty as charged!) is Green Caffeen, a free reusable café cup system for eco-focused cafes in Australia. Forget rideshare, meet the cupshare economy!

"Started by two Aussie mates, Green Caffeen is their solution to the single use plastic epidemic. We want to make it irresistibly easy to ditch disposable cups, reshape the Aussie coffee culture –and cut the landfill."

I work on a large campus and most of the cafes on campus have signed up and I must say, the system is fantastic. All you do is download the app, go to a participating cafe, order a coffee and let them know you are a Green Caffeen user. Scan the app and they give you your coffee in a returnable cup. You can hold onto it until next time (for up to 30 days), then just return it when you get your next coffee and they'll give you a fresh clean cup. Forgot your GC cup? No worries, you can have up to two at a time.

I really hope this takes off all over the world as we really need more of these innovative green solutions if we are to combat the mountain facing us which is unnecessary waste.

Do you know of other similar local projects in your area? I would love to hear more.
more than a month ago
Hi Henno

I love hearing stories like this! :D If we're going to persuade large numbers of people to stop using disposable items, we need to make it convenient. This sounds like an elegant solution to the disposable cup problem.

What has your experience been so far? Do you think it's convenient enough to get widespread adoption?

Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive

more than a month ago
Elegance in simplicity, indeed. It's quite a new initiative on campus but it's been very positive thus far. I believe there are over four hundred retailers already on board, so the 'widespread adoption train' is already well on its way!
more than a month ago
Henno Kotze, that sounds encouraging! :D

Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive

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