Tuesday, 01 December 2020
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Hi All

Yesterday, I read this very interesting story in National Geographic about a new packaging plastic that is claimed to be genuinely biodegradable. Instead of just breaking down into smaller pieces of plastic, "it decomposes harmlessly in the natural environment". If this truly performs as advertised, it could be a game changer. However, we've heard claims like these before which have later been disproved. Any thoughts?

Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive

more than a month ago
Thoughts: Have the policy-makers within the global umbrellas ever approved any low-cost/free green energy or ecological solution backed by scientists whose research was done within reputable scientific organizations that didn't belong to those global umbrellas? I'd say the answer is no.

Related to the same topic, some months ago I also heard about this:
But so weird I could not find any following news afterwards, and the article originally published by the British Brainwashing Corporation is not available anymore. I mean, they could at least have published another article explaining why this solution was discarded, if that has been the case.

Not surprised though, just another typical pattern within these corrupt geopolitical structures which are about to be dismantled. Can't wait for the show to get started. Seatbelts fasten!
more than a month ago
Hello Everyone

For me, this sounds like very encouraging development. Apparently, it been designed to conform with new British standards for biodegradable plastics. But like Adam, I am suspicious of claims for new technologies. Does anyone have detailed knowledge of these standards? Can they be trusted to provide a real world measure of biodegradability?
more than a month ago
It is important to consider several factors, including:

  1. Does it harmlessly biodegrade under a full range of real world conditions? If so, how long will that take?
  2. To what degree is this plastic recyclable and are there any special considerations?
  3. Would genuinely recyclable packaging result in increased littering or landfill?

Personally, I think that circular solutions are always preferable. However, the reality is that vast quantities of plastic packaging are ending-up in the environment. If this packaging was replaced with something genuinely biodegradable and recyclable, I think that would be an important step in the right direction. However, all reasonable efforts must be made to ensure that this plastic is recycled not discarded, and governments should require a reduction in the use of all single-use plastics, regardless of whether they are biodegradable, and where possible elimination.
more than a month ago
I really hope that this plastic lives up to these claims. However, I also hope it doesn't distract from efforts to make products and their packaging more circular. The Ellen Macarthur Foundation has a section on their website that outlines some of the approaches that can be taken to design out packaging waste.
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